Wedding Dress Fashion at Fifties

  • 07.12.2018 / 09:45
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The first years of the 50´s see women at home: the house wife prototype of woman. She was expected to be an excellent mum, a good housewife and a devote woman. All of that was to be reflected in her appearance. The 50´s fashion is very well known as per the return of glamour and splendor.

After the war, women could live peacefully at home, give her time to take care of her image and be fascinating. Women went back to worry again about their image and style.

Dresses fitted to the high waist, the Dior new look was everywhere! Especially in wedding gowns: they were long (with plane hard fabrics as silk) and with amazing long skirts.

Wedding dresses at fifties has amazing long skirts

Women want to feel sensual again, and so the emphasis in curves and in a feminine looking; always following the style of the time, conservative though elegant.

The accessories became very important. Gloves, bags and hats, pearls and jewelry were really trendy in those days. Especially for wedding gowns and evening dresses.

Hairstyle was of absolute importance. Marilyn Monroe hair style, or short curly hair, was very fashionable.


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