Beside DreamON catalogue's gowns you will always also  see different gowns while your visit at any DreamON Stores

It is very important that wedding shoe makes you feel comfortable. Therefore, you should make your feet as comfortable as possible. Your shoes will carry your entire day on your wedding day should provide comfortable walking.

If the floor of the wedding space is grassy, sandy or stony, wear a pair of shoes with high heels can give you trouble. You should choose your shoe according to your wedding dress and the wedding season.

Don't forget to consider your high fiting with groom when your choice of the wedding shoe.

The most important accessory of the bridal dress is the veil. At the same time it is the most innocent expression of the most mysterious, most special form of the bride. Veil completes the wedding dress with the bride's purity symbolizes the naturalness. And what should you look out for when choosing a veil?

Short-length Veil,

You may choose a short veil, if you have a neck and a chest detail on your weddin gown. They are 150 cm in length and 150 cm in length. 
Sophisticated and eclectic wedding dresses are ideal for bridal gowns. But if you have a short and oval face, this model is not recommended.

Medium-length Veil,

Approximately 150 cm wide, 225 cm tall, medium-sized veil-length veils that reveal the chest, waist or back details perfectly. But this type of veils can give a classic look to the wedding dress and give it a formal shape.

Long-length veil,

Approximately 225 cm wide and 300 cm long in these styles, the veil rotates around the elbow. Definitely will create more romantic look. 

Our sales consultants will direct you to a correct veil for your wedding dress when you visit DreamON store.

First of all, it's important that your veil needs to combine with your wedding dress. There are too many different types like border lace on edge or lace application parts at top... In this regard, our specialist sales consultants will assist you in your visit to DreamON stores by providing the necessary support.

Even though scattered knobs are fashionable in the last period, consider your wedding dress and wedding concept when deciding on your hairstyle.

For a country wedding, the tiny flowers in open hair are much more pleasant, while the knob is a model for the ballroom and a glittering crown will be very beautiful.

In addition, the climatic conditions of the place where the wedding will take place will affect your choice. If you do a country wedding on a windy day, you should choose a hair style that will not ruin your hair and the appropriate accessories.

A beautiful crown, pearl hairpins, mini flowers, beads, glittering buckles will be very stylish accessories, if you are not using a veil on your wedding.

You need to think and decide with checking lots of tiara models or veil styles in advance, if you want to be the beauty queen of your own wedding.

Dreamon Couture service is provided. Your dream is poured into a drawing with a design in accordance with your body structure. The patterns are creates according to your body. 
By selecting the fabric and material, you can have your custom design. 
This service is given together with our expert DreamON designers and of course costs are higher than our ready-made products.

We are producing your wedding dress to you in the shortest time by speeding it up for special occasions. It is most likely that your favorite product has stocks in DreamON stores. 
In addition, in the production within an average of 30 days, in case of emergency, we are able to produce up to a week fast.

You need to visit to DreamON Stores. DreamON sales consultants will guide you in the best way while you try the wedding dresses you have dreamed of from the photos or DreamON collection.

The answer is yes. Bridal dresses and evening dress models that you like, we can make the desired changes. Please note that the mentioned changes can create cost differences in some cases and this can be reflected in the price. Our sales consultants give you the necessary support in this regard.

In DreamON stores, you may always choose a ready-made wedding dress from the collection as there are enough stock available. During your visit to the DreamON store, our expert sales consultants will propose bridal gowns to suit your body and style. The collection model you selected is ordered according to your size and is produced for you.

If you have a very selective personality; If you have disparities in your body lines, if you want an extraordinary wedding dress, you are willing to spend time on the choices of models, fabrics and accessories and if you are skilled in this matter; If you have the energy to rehearse and you can maintain your weight in a stable way, sewed wedding dress will be the right decision for you. Believing in every tailoring store will mean you risk one of the most important clothes of your life like a wedding dress. 
In order to have a special design, we recommend that you have a contact with a designer who is fully trained. We recommend that you stay away from small tailor houses who always claim to produce with less prices. Personalized design always costly and more expensive.

Choosing your wedding dress from a bridal brand's colleciton

If you are ready to take a long trip and try many models to find the most beautiful ready-made dresses; if you've seen a model you like in the catalog or showcase; If you work at daily basis and do not have time to rehearse for custom wedding dress sewing; If you are going to marry in a different city or country, if you have a designer or wedding dress brand that you like very much and you are getting fast changes in your weight, it seems to be the right option for you to get a ready wedding dress.

As DreamON, we believe that important gowns designed to be worn on the most special days, such as wedding dresses and evening dresses, should be taken from the stores.

Due to the fact that it is the products worn by the consumer on special nights, we do not look very much for online sale just because of the limited return rights by law. Wedding dresses and evening dresses has limited returning rights by law because these kind of dresses are valued for one special event. So we think you should not buy a wedding gown without trying on you.

When you see a style that you have tried before, or insistently enough to see it from the picture; You can contact Dreamon Plaza in Gaziantep via our telephone number +90 532 632 6646.

While taking measurements in wedding dresses and evening dresses, it should not be too tight or too roomy to cover the measured place and the highest point.

1. Breast: The most important measure of the size of the bride's body is the size of the chest. Place the tape under the armpits and is measured by surrounding the widest part of the body's chest, so that it passes from the back to the front but only at the end of the chest.

2. Waist: For your wedding dress to wrap your waist; The waistline is measured by wrapping the waist around the waistline so that it surrounds the natural waistline, that is, the slightest place in the waist.

3. Basen: No need to measure the size of the bridal dress with big skirts. It is measured by wrapping the tape between the lower part of the waist and the upper part of the legs, ie the largest part of the body at the hip level.

4. Skirt Length: Bride needs to wear her original bridal shoe while arranging the wedding dress skirt length. Otherwise, an incorrect measurement is taken.

Normal Skirts (Narrow Skirts, mermaid style for skirt or evening dress skirts), from the waist to the end of the skirt (towards the ground), one end of the measurement at the waist, the other end placed 25 cm forward from the feet.

Wide Skirts (Wedding Dresses), from the waist to the end of the skirt (towards the ground), the tip of one end of the measurement, the other end of the foot 40 cm is placed on the floor when measuring.

5. Chest Height: From the shoulder to the chest is taken. Distance from the end of the bra strap on the shoulder to the nipple

6. Between breasts: The distance between the two nipples.

7. Front Length: It depends on the body length of the wedding dress.

For Short Bodice Size: 5 cm below the waist from waist to waist on the shoulder, (for example: DreamON Marcantonio Model)

For Normal Bodice Size: 13 cm below the waist from the waist to the waist on the shoulder (for example DreamON Tibaldi Model)

For Long Bodice Size: 21 cm below the waist from the waist to the waist on the shoulder

For the Very Long Bodice size: 29.5 cm below the waist from the waist to the waist on the shoulder

8. Back Body Length: Starting from the bottom of the neck to the waist level, the size of the front of the body at the back of the body is the measure of the level of alignment.

9. Shoulder: The shoulder width of the measurement. Measured from the back shoulder, the shoulders are measured from the edges, from the most edge points, to the underside of the back and without running over the arms. The tape measure should be kept flat.

10. Arm Length: The arm is slightly broken (not half), hand at the level of the hips at the palm of the hips and the elbow is the size from the shoulder to the wrist while the elbow is slightly outside. (Sleeveless, strapless bridal gowns do not need to measure the arm length)

11. Around the arm: It is the measure of the widest part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

12. Neck: The circumference of the neck is taken around the measurement.

13. Wrist: A measure of where the arm and hand meet.

Items 4 and 7, the length of the front of your wedding dress and the length of the skirt length of your wedding dress are two interconnected. If one increases, the other decreases. In other words, the length of the front body starts from the length of the skirt length.

Answer is yes. The products you see on our website are found in our stores. 
At the same time in DreamON stores you will find more alternatives like Haute Couture and DreamON VIP collecitons of wedding dresses and evening dress styles which you cannot see on official website.

Wedding Shoes

Your shoe must match your wedding dress. Keep in mind that the comfort of your shoes on your wedding is the most important issue.

It is also possible to make shoes of the same fabric as your wedding dress. You can cover a model you like with a small piece of fabric that increases from your wedding dress. You can even take a small part of the embroidery from your wedding dress. 


One of the most beautiful accessories of the bride is the veils. Long size veils with lace on edge are pretty fashion. 
The most important thing is for choosing veil is matching them with your wedding dress.


The bride's tiara is the most showy accessory of the bride's head. 
It can be used to hold the bride's veil and make her hairstyle clear and it is varied according to the quality of the bridal dress and the bride's hair condition. The trend of this season is the more moving, bending handmade shiny stone crowns.

You should consider whether to wear a crown according to the place and concept of the wedding. It may not be appropriate to wear a crown at a countryside wedding, but if you are planning to marry in a ballroom, your crown will shine brightly and your head will be complemented as a beautiful accessory.

Bridal bouquet

Although the bridal bouquets are quite colorful in the last period, they are composed of different flowers. You can combine very special bouquets with your wedding dress with tight and dense collections of flowers and straw-like accessories and small verbenas. You can also choose the flowers that will bring movement to your wedding dress. But high quality but artificial bouquets can remain a memory to remind you of your special wedding day.

Bridal bags

It is an accessory that you should not forget about the jewelery and wedding gowns that will be attached to you in case of bridal bags and to carry your gifts easily. 

You can also run a small model of the same process in your jewelery if you have embroidery in your wedding dresses.

Before arriving at our stores, making an appointment with our phone or website will help us provide better service. You can make an appointment by going to the "Request an appointment" page from the link below.

DreamON Stores / Request an Appointment

You will find special accessories to combine with your wedding dress when you visit DreamON Stores

In fact, this choice should be judged and decided on the model expectations created by one's own imagination. The person will maximize her sense of personal satisfaction and be aware of how she would like to see herself with the wedding dress in that magical moment he always dreamed of.

This season there are mainly four shapes of wedding dresses in fashion: Mermaid bridal dresses, Helen wedding gowns which is also called narrow A line bridal gowns, A line wedding dresses and ballgown bridal dresses with long train.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns

You may have the most feminine look with underlining all your curves. Mermaid bridal dresses are artsy type of designs.

Helen Wedding gowns

Simplicity is the main idea on this type of narrow A type bridal dresses. Easy to carry and you will be so relax on you wedding with this kind of choice.

A Line Wedding Gowns

Simple, classical and there are too many choice. Brides favorite bridal dress type. 

Ballgown with long tail

Its classical and glamouros at the same time. Big skirt and long train princess bridal dresses with lots of details. Laces and hand beadings on these designs. You will feel like loyalty on your big day.


All wedding dress models you should liked in DreamON collection are made in hijab versions. The versions of our collection styles are made with a 15% price difference. You should visit our nearest store to get information about these products.

There is no rental option in DreamON stores.

At DreamON stores, our prices are fixed due to our respect for all our customers. All our products are on price tags. You're never fooled at DreamON. If there are in DreamON stores, campaigns are made equal and transparent to every customer.

You need to send an e-mail about your location than nearest DreamON dealer store will give you a call.

DreamON wedding dress designs are prepared for you about minimum 2 - 3 months before the date of your wedding order is required to give. The  delivery will be within 7 - 30 days, if you make your choice as a ready product.


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