Elegant, brave and pretentious brides' wedding dresses; will make you feel that you are literally star of the wedding day.

A Cut Shoulder Detail Wedding Dress A cut wedding dress model with tulle skirt, which draws attention with its lace body structure embroidered on tulle work, is ideal for brides who want to choose an ambitious bridal gown. With the option to use without underskirt, it can be turned into helen wedding gown style.
Wedding Dress with Cleavage and Shining One of the best examples of the silvery fabric trend in the wedding dress, modern-inspired three-dimensional flowers with lace style A-cut, deep back and chest low-cut wedding dress model. It is a model that will fit all wedding concepts. We recommend choosing a short veil for Lorrain.
A Line Wedding Dress with Lace Bust in Front and Square Back Lace low off shoulder sleeves with cut out embroidery give this gown a touch of fantasy. Skirts net with lace and connects with a transparent gauze part to bodice that part is covered with grogren ribbon and with a small bow at back.
Ball Gown Bridal Dress with Handmade Beadings Ball gown wedding dress with tulle skirt. Transparent bodice beaded with crystal precious stones and palettes. Wide tulle skirt with original feathers.
With Handmade Tassel Beads, V-Neck Wedding Dress; An elegant V-neck, along with the back and shoulders, will appear in the whole body, decorated with handmade tassel embroideries will create a wonderful movement when you dance. You'll love the neat arrival of the A skirt that's expanding towards the skirt end.
Very Intensive Embroidered Bodice with Shoulder Strap, Mermaid Wedding Gown; You will love the deep chest and back décolletage which is very seductive with the intensive handwork embroidery on the transparent body. You will love the comfort and mobility of light design and sparkling glittered fabric all over the dress.
Modern Bridal Dress With Crystal Beaded Embroidered Lace Thin strap, on the transparent body of special embroidered lace in the wide tail. This wedding dress offering a modern and stylish design with a completely different perspective of the fashion, with its lace tail and crepe fabric. It is an ambitious and seductive special product that exposes the silhouette of the bodice.
Lace All Over Mermaid Bridal Gown; A tense mermaid wedding dress, in which the slim shoulder straps have a special fit with deep back and chest decors, with very intensive hand embroidery and special lace creating a richness to the sides of the skirt and in the tail. The scattered bun and a stylish veil will suit all wedding concepts.
Ruffled Princess Skirted Boat Neckline Bridal Dress Boat Neckline Bridal Dress with arms, and embroidered laced transparent body structure. A princess skirt decorated with hem line lace. An exclusive design that will complete your magnificent wedding night. You may also modify this wedding dress to a hijab model easily.
Thick Shoulder Straps With a V neck A thick shoulder cut-top wedding dress design with a light-tailed neckline and a deep back décolleté, adorned with three-dimensional appliqués, shoulder wrapped transparent body with a square embroidered fabric. A nice option for brides who wants to show off their difference at their weddings.
Queen Neckline Wedding Dress; The very trendy ball gown model of the year is the last trend of the year with its ambitious shoulders resembling royal symbols, featuring elegant décolleté with hand-made lace-up lace trim with very small pearls. An exquisite choice with a completely different design.
Embroidered and 3D Lace A Line Wedding Dress; V-necklined, A-line bridal gown with three-dimensional delicate enamel flowering appliqués on sequins and cut beads. It is a comfortable design that will add a completely different style to the wedding with its romantic structure. There are transparent or closed body options next to the deep chest pull-up.
Intensive Pearl Embroidered Helen Wedding Dress; It is a Narrow A line wedding dress that offers a different design with handmade pearl embroidery. It is a romantic but also ambitious design with its transparent or closed alternatives.
Off Shoulder Ball Gown Princess Skirt With a Long Tail; A long-tailed princess bridal dress with a deep-bodied neckline full of handmade precious stone engravings. With its cathedral tail it will enrich your wedding concepts that take place in ballrooms.
Illusion Neckline Embroidered Bridal Dress with a Long Tail; A long-tailed wedding dress on a silvery skirt, which offers a very rich look on the embroidered lace. It is a fascinating design where lace and processing details combined with the décolleté.
A Line Wedding Dress with Dangly Beads on the Shoulders; A Line wedding dress model with the perfect harmony of sparkle and simplicity with its intense lace completed with deep chest décolleté which makes a highly effective appearance with the drop of the pendulums from the shoulders to the fine spaghetti straps hangers. When you complete this elegant design with a messy nape knob, you will look amazing.
V-neck Helen Wedding Dress; Wedding dress with tulle skirt, which draws attention with its laced body of the dress, which is composed of lacy wedding dresses on tulle. Elegant simplicity of romantic design with a comfortable product makes a difference.
Princess Wedding Dress with a Hem Lace all over the Skirt and Long Tail; The procession pendants falling from the slim spaghetti straps to the shoulders, the embellished lace on the arrival of the strapless neckline, is the grandiose princess wedding dress, in which the entire lace of the tails continues. You will love this glittering design where romantic patterns are masterfully used. Especially for the weddings to be held in areas such as historical venue, invitation hall, this fluffy skirt will give you a wonderful atmosphere with its magnificent tail. This princess skirt dress is decorated with a hem lace all over the skirt.
A Princess ball Gown Wedding Dress with a Deep Décolleté and a Tail; The princess wedding dress is a glamorous and rich design with exquisite details, with fine hand work pearl embroidery, skirt pleats and square patterned tulle layers and long tail, which attracts attention with its fine hangers and deep chest décolleté.
Glittering and Shinning Helen Wedding Dress; Special lace with precious stones applied to the elaborate lace is a Helen wedding dress model, which is filled with glittery silvery tulles, which completely surrounds the body and thin straps. It can be used in the form of A cut bridal gowns with the use of wide underskirt.
One Shoulder Helen Wedding Dress; The elegant details of the wedding dress model, enriched with hand drapes and embroidered lace appliqués in the design air created by a single shoulder strap. It is an ideal design for those who are looking for a simple splendor away from the exaggeration with their transparent or closed alternatives.
A-line Wedding Dress with Cap and Spaghetti Straps; A Line wedding dress with a deep V neckline and elegant lace. An elegant choice with a swan-like posture with a removable cloak design. A messy bun will be the best choice.
Hand Embroidered Mermaid Wedding Dress; Gorgeous mermaid wedding dress model, which offers a graceful look with glamorous, lace appliqués and intense hand embroidery with deep chest and back décolletage and glittery tulle layers integrated with thick shoulder straps. Transparent and closed alternatives will offer an ambitious silhouette you will love.
V-neck Chiffon Skirt Helen Wedding Dress Model with Intensive Embroidered Lace; The delicate three-dimensional embroidered lace is a simple, elegant Helen wedding dress with a crisp and lively style of chiffon fabric in which the V neckline has a nice look on the shoulders. You'll love the deep back décolleté of the wonderful design of Bohemian style. A perfect choice for a beach wedding or a rural wedding. It is very light and simply elegant so might be the best choice to take your bridal dress to your honeymoon.
A-Line Wedding Dress with a Deep Back Line Decolette; With a graceful embroidered lace and back neckline, with a deep V neckline and slim shoulder straps, a glamorous, narrow A-cut wedding dress with sparkling skirt. We recommend this design to the petite brides, you can use as a wedding dress with the alternatives of with or without petticoats. In order to complete your elegance, you should use elegant earrings and you should use the short veil.
Both Mermaid and Helen Wedding Dress in one Dress; The beautiful mermaid wedding dress model, with its body cuts and sand bead-embroidered tulles and intensely embroidered lace on which the thin straps form an elegant harmony with the deep chest décolleté, can also be used in removable tulle skirt and Helen wedding dress mood. In the middle of the wedding or in photography, it can be transformed into a different kind of wedding dress. So you may start your wedding with a Helen style dress and when the party starts you take of the additional skirt and you continue your wedding with the mermaid sparkling dress.
A-Line Wedding Dress Decorated with Embroidered Feathery Lace; A cut wedding dress model that will bring you all the attention with glittering, sequin and fine feather which has a very different design with thin satin ribbons with thin waist, deep shoulder neckline integrated with deep chest neck and a very different design with back neck. Elegant and ideal choice especially for salon weddings.
A Ball Gown Bridal Dress with Ruffles; It is a fluffy wedding dress that will impress with its transparent and closed alternatives, deep chest and back quilt, offering a different design with its folded asymmetrical flyover tulle and embroidered lace. You can use this model with a lightly scattered knob, which will be very suitable especially for historical hotels or indoor chic salon weddings
Helen Wedding Dress Model with Polka Dots; Handmade embroidered appliqués embellished with a bow on the shoulder decorated with a very puffy polka dot tulle skirt Helen wedding dress model. An exquisite design that captures elegance with simplicity. It is very suitable for rural weddings, seaside concepts and intimate salon weddings.

Shimmering Crystal Embroidered Corset Bridal Dress

It is the choice of those who want to bring all the attention at the wedding. Wedding gown with full-bodied, A-cut skirt and different size.


Balloon Sleeve French Lace Wedding Dress

Style Angel, which is worked with the combination of French coupon lace and elegant simple lace, is a model that provides two different looks together with its removable arms.


Spanish Sleeve Embroidered Lace Fish Form Wedding Gown

Mermaid bridal dress which is very suitable for the embroidered lace in the new geometric form, the Spanish sleeves and the fish form.


Asymmetrical Collar One-Sleeve Bridal Dress

Asymmetric neckline, one-arm wedding gown embellished with feathers, shining skirt with tulle and crystal prism hand made embroidery lace are in harmony with each other.


Fluffy Skirt Wedding Dress with Tail Illusion Neck

Semi-transparent Bathilde model with illusion neckline and arm details is a two and a half meter long tail and the skirt is fully embellished with hand-embroidered edges.


Queen Collar Fluffy Princess Skirt Wedding Dress

Style Esmeralda, which will be ideal for showy brides, will make you look thinner than you are with its body in different cuts, and it will ensure that nobody can take your eyes off your wedding with its pleated, shining and lace detailed skirt.


A Cut Princess Collar Wedding Dress

Bridal gown with a silhouette that will reveal your waist will give you a fit look by wrapping your body with its double cord lace and thin belt while giving a romantic look with three-dimensional lace on the shoulders.


A Stringed Corset Wedding Dress

The stylish details of bridal gown created by reinterpreting the classical forms, has the harmony created by the edge embroidery with its body decorated with beaded patterned thin laces. Elegant embroideries has an eye-catching simplicity.


Fully Embroidered Helen Wedding Dress with Corsage

It is the very good choice of those who want to shine. Wedding gown with its embroidered lace and corset bodied form consisting of sparkly beads and sequins.


Long Sleeve French Lace Wedding Dress with V Neck

Wedding dresses with V-neck, its a gown with illusion sleeve and neckline detail with A-cut skirt decorated with French lace and floral and beaded lace embroidered lace.


Nude Colored Polka Dot Helen Wedding Dress

Wedding gown which is formed by the combination of polka dot lace and three-dimensional lace that creates a mysterious effect, shows itself with a tan tulle.


V-Neck A Cut Bridal gown with Cape

The wedding dress which creates an air of cape with long tulles hanging from its shoulders, is composed of skirt ends and embroidered edges, and it is in integrity with its knit figured pattern on the sides of the collar.


Strapless Corset Cut Wedding Dress With Embroidered Edges

Pinkerton, a strapless wedding dress model, is a very beautiful option for lovers of classic wedding dresses with its grain detail and a skirt decorated with embroidered edges and a semi-transparent body.


Balloon Sleeve Helen Wedding Dress

Elegant design of bridal dress creates very romantic atmosphere with its pleated balloon arms and fine handwork. Sky will be the first choice of those who love Helene wedding dresses, can be embossed as much as A cut.


Helen Wedding Dress with V Neck Tulle Skirt

Style Tybalt, which is one of the best examples of Helene wedding dresses with a deep neckline and V-neck. Wedding gown which combines simplicity, elegance and eye-catching with its light embroideries and elegant lace.


Silvery Shining Strapless A Cut Wedding Dress

Style Velma, which attracts attention with its silvery lace with a completely silver glaze, is in a very good harmony with its silver beaded embroidery. The wedding dress, which has a skirt with a cut out, allows two different views with its detachable balloon arms.


Silver Embroidered Helen Bridal Dress

Beauty of the elegance. V-necked wedding gown, an ideal model for brides who want to fit the latest trends of the season with their lace embellished with silver embroidery.


V-Neck Long Sleeve Embroidered Lace Wedding Dress

Fascinating design of bridal gown will live up to your dreamiest expectations. Consisting of v-neck, illusion sleeves and hand-crafted lace, is both stylish and very flashy.


A Cut Tulle Wedding Dress with Spaghetti Stripes

Charming bridal gown which is worn with different veil details extending from the hair to the arms. One of the most suitable style of fashion for brides who want to draw attention with details with its skirt decorated with shirred tulle and the body decorated with hand-made Swarovski stones.


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