Mermaid wedding dresses creates a modern look and seductive glamour. This high fashion silhouette-cut, underline your curvy body on your wedding.

Half Mermaid Bridal Dress Half mermaid wedding gown with a romantic lace. Border lace over the sweetheart neckline and on the edges the skirt with hard net. Off the shoulder with embroidered lace plies.
Mermaid Style Wedding Dress with Beaded Lace Lace and tulle mermaid style wedding dress with appliqués. Bodice with sweetheart neckline, wide strap and plunging V back. With a nice detachable tulle and lace train with embroidery and appliques.
Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress All produced with elegant laces and handmade beadings on top. Long lace sleeves gives a splendid touch to this long train mermaid lace bridal gown.
Off The Shoulder Mermaid Bridal Gown Modern, mermaid tulle wedding dress with lace and embroidery. V neck bodice and delicate off shoulder lace gathering at back with sheer lace effect. Wide tulle skirt
Back Low-Cut Mermaid Wedding Dress Embroidered with special laces and pendulums in the body is charming structure. A wonderful fish wedding dress that encompasses the body with its cut to show your height longer, glamorous back decolletage and glorious courier.
Embroidered Mermaid Wedding Dress It is one of the most ambitious mermaid wedding dress models combining princess fluffy tulle skirt and fish style that provides a rich appearance by wrapping your whole body with intensive hand labor embroideries. Suitable for all seasons with spectacular shoulder details. It will add color to your ballroom and poolside concept weddings.
Modern Cut, Narrow Skirt Wedding Dress with Tail A narrow skirt wedding dress model which is indispensable for palace concept weddings with its rich tail details, illusion neckline, back details and long sleeve structure on a narrow skirt in modern style will reflect your most elegant state.
Fish Form Wedding Dress with Embroidered Laces Deep back décolleté is at the forefront of intense hand labor glass cut stones embroidered with special lace full body will embrace your full fish form wedding dress model, will provide you a modern and assertive look. It is a model that will fit all wedding concepts.
Boat Neckline Modern Look Wedding Dress Bridal model in a slim-fit skirt with spectacular dense hand embroidery and lace with 3D enamel flowers, a special shoulder strap and a tail. Style Jan Van is a very suitable model for magnificent salon weddings.
Very Intensive Embroidered Bodice with Shoulder Strap, Mermaid Wedding Gown; You will love the deep chest and back décolletage which is very seductive with the intensive handwork embroidery on the transparent body. You will love the comfort and mobility of light design and sparkling glittered fabric all over the dress.
Both Helen and Mermaid Style Wedding Dress with Detachable Tulle Skirt; A unique mermaid wedding dress design that makes a difference with its stylish and detachable tulle belt tail. It has a unique embroidered lace with sequins and sand beads all over. On top of it, the bodice part has been enriched with crystal beaded applications
Modern Bridal Dress With Crystal Beaded Embroidered Lace Thin strap, on the transparent body of special embroidered lace in the wide tail. This wedding dress offering a modern and stylish design with a completely different perspective of the fashion, with its lace tail and crepe fabric. It is an ambitious and seductive special product that exposes the silhouette of the bodice.
Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress With a Removable Chiffon Cape Glamorous crape mermaid bridal dress with precious stones on the lace transparent bodice and a strapless neckline. Comes with a chic removable chiffon cape
Lace All Over Mermaid Bridal Gown; A tense mermaid wedding dress, in which the slim shoulder straps have a special fit with deep back and chest decors, with very intensive hand embroidery and special lace creating a richness to the sides of the skirt and in the tail. The scattered bun and a stylish veil will suit all wedding concepts.
Off Shoulder Neckline Crystal Embroidered Lace Mermaid Bridal Dress; You will love the special lace embroidered with precious stones, off shoulder neckline and mini-sleeves are very stylish, the trend of the season with the ruffles on the back side and the tail part moving on the floor mermaid wedding dress model. This style will be a great choice for an open air wedding and a saloon wedding. You can wrap your hair in a scattered bun and complete the wedding dress with a chic veil.
English Sleeve Fish Wedding Dress Model; The flashy handcrafted appliques on the French lace, the fish form met in the design of a wedding dress. The elegant stance of the Spanish arm detail gives the bridal gown motion, while the transparent body in the sleeve and waistline offers a glamorous wholeness and you will find a seductive look with this elegant wedding gown.
Short Balloon Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress with a Tail; Mermaid wedding dress model with lace appliqués and hand-made dense embroidery on the lace appliqués applied to the whole model, with the boat neckline and short low balloon arms topped by a completely different look. An exquisite choice for those who trust their body lines and want to emphasize their shoulders.
Hand Embroidered Mermaid Wedding Dress; Gorgeous mermaid wedding dress model, which offers a graceful look with glamorous, lace appliqués and intense hand embroidery with deep chest and back décolletage and glittery tulle layers integrated with thick shoulder straps. Transparent and closed alternatives will offer an ambitious silhouette you will love.
Both Mermaid and Helen Wedding Dress in one Dress; The beautiful mermaid wedding dress model, with its body cuts and sand bead-embroidered tulles and intensely embroidered lace on which the thin straps form an elegant harmony with the deep chest décolleté, can also be used in removable tulle skirt and Helen wedding dress mood. In the middle of the wedding or in photography, it can be transformed into a different kind of wedding dress. So you may start your wedding with a Helen style dress and when the party starts you take of the additional skirt and you continue your wedding with the mermaid sparkling dress.

Spanish Sleeve Embroidered Lace Fish Form Wedding Gown

Mermaid bridal dress which is very suitable for the embroidered lace in the new geometric form, the Spanish sleeves and the fish form.


3D Lacy Fish Form Wedding Dress with Spanish Sleeves

Romantic bridal design with Spanish sleeves and illusion neckline with lace consisting of three-dimensional flowers. More than the expectations.


Long Sleeve French Lace Bridal Dress

Wedding gown with a romantic atmosphere will be the favorite of mermaid form lovers with its fully hand-embroidered lace, chest neck and slightly curved arms on the shoulder.


V-Neck Lace Mermaid Shape Wedding Dress

Bridal gown with fish silhouette is an ideal model for  brides who want to create a clean silhouette with its embroidered lace formed by the combination of feminine lines and dot-shaped patterns.


Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress with Illusion Tulle

Modern pattern creats charming beauty. Bridal gown decorated with tulle details, with illusion neckline, is composed of a very gentle leaf and branch figured lace, but it fits very nicely with beautiful laces hidden between the layers.


Long Tailed Full Lace Fish Form Wedding Gown

Seductive and beauty of bridal dress creates a very elegant appearance with its flamboyant 2.5 meter tail and mermaid form consisting of feminine lines, with its geometrical patterned lace decorated with hand-cut beadings.


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