Set Up Your Bride Squad

  • 02.02.2019 / 10:16
  • 441

There is very few time left for your wedding day. Now you should choose the people you want a help, you need to inform them and share their duties.

Düğün öncesi işler için yakın arkadaşlarınızdan bir ekip kurun

First you need to get a list of jobs and prepare a section of work, then you should call each one of the people you want  help with and ask if they are available.

Evlilik hazırlıkları öncesi takımınızı kurmanız sizi rahatlatacaktır.

Think about people who really want to be on your side, your sisters, your cousins, your best friends, think carefully about them all. Make a list for who understands better about hair styles and makeup, which one is more straightforward, which ones had better understanding about wedding dresses and fabrics.

Do not make your bride squad too croud that may creat problems with communication and coordination issues.

evlilik hazırlıkları sürecinde küçük ancak etkili bir ekip kurmanız gerekir

When you have established this squad organization, guests to deal with and solve problems such as the pleasure of the day will stay for you and you will feel more comfortable on your wedding day.


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