Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

  • 15.03.2019 / 08:57
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You can also choose long-sleeved wedding dresses, if you want to make your wedding in the autumn and winter months. Lace embroidered and tulle-detailed sleeve models will make you look both stylish and more elegant.

Uzun kollu gelinlik modeli Benita DreamON koleksiyonlarında yer alıyor

You may turn the winter into an advantage when deciding on your wedding dress. For example, you can complete your wedding dress with a stylish fur coat.

Birbirinden özel uzun kollu gelinlik modelleri dreamon koleksiyonlarında

Long-sleeve detailed bridal dresses for winter and autumn weddings will be the ideal choice for you. You may have the benefit from many options such as beading, lace or narrow wrist details.

Uzun kollu gelinlikmodeliyle hem romantik hem de şık bir görünüm yakalayabilirsiniz

In the 60s and 70s, the long arms, which were at the forefront of the time, retained their popularity and throne after the royal ceremonies.


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