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  • 21.03.2019 / 08:21
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If you have planned a holiday right after your wedding, it can be one of the most enjoyable activities you can make honeymoon suitcase, which is one of the details that can be forgotten between your wedding fuss and take a break from the wedding preparations.

düğün bitti artık balayı zamanı

Checking the weather conditions of the region you are going and preparing your suitcases according to weather conditions is the first step to make the right choices.

What you need to decide during this preparation process that can be shaped by the type of your holiday should be your daily combinations. Keep in mind that the more you choose your suitcase small, the easier it will be to carry, so the upper parts that you can combine with the same underlays will have the rescuers that can lighten the suitcase.

balayında rahat edeceğiniz kombinleri yanınıza almalısınız

According to the number of days to make a maximum of two sets will be the exact dress combination.

If you plan to rest in a region with warm climate, fine dresses will be the most enjoyable and light alternatives.

balayı çin yaz tatili planladıysanız daha rahat alternatifler uygun olacaktır

If you have planned a very active holiday, you will be able to combine tops with comfortable shorts.

Balayı bavulu hazırlarken ikili kombinleyebileceğiniz parçaları unutmayın

The bikini / swimwear alternatives, sunglasses, comfortable sandals and of course hats are the must-have parts of your luggage during tropical holidays.

If you have planned a winter holiday, unfortunately, your bags will be heavier because of the thicker fabrics you need to take with you. Thermal options are the alternatives that can lighten your suitcase.

Balayı için kış tatili planladıysanız daha büyük parçalar olacağından büyük bir valiz seçmelisiniz

It will be more accurate to increase the number of items you wear in winter holidays and to reduce the number of items you wear from outside.

Balayı için kış tatili de apayrı bir keyif olacaktır

The sunscreen and sunglasses are the main necessities for your winter holiday and for your summer vacation. These two parts, which are indispensable for summer holidays, are unfortunately forgotten during the ski holidays and may spoiled your holiday.

One of the details you need to take with you is medical pills.

Because weather and climate change or long journeys can cause discomfort in many structures, making a small medicine bag is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

Don't forget to enjoy your holiday after all the details are finished and your wedding is over.


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