Fashion Trends on Wedding Gowns at Sixties

  • 07.12.2018 / 10:02
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The first years of this decade did not change too much the style of the 50´s. But in the middle of 50´s the mini skirt revolution appears! That made a big change in women´s fashion. The sexual revolution! Another type of woman was required. Less conservative and more free.

The hippies influenced a lot the fashion during those days. As the long straight free hair, so natural and a straighter siluette. Women Dress less fitted. That also includes wedding gowns.

wedding dresses has long straight skirts at sixties

Straight floating gowns sometimes with delicate laze details, which made woman´s body look taller and elegant; sometime with a waist lower than 50´s style, or with no waist at all, just straight long dress; but at the same time naturally elegant.

Also long floating sleeves made of laze were really fashionable.



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