Fashion Trends on Wedding Gowns at Eighties

  • 07.12.2018 / 11:48
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It´s probably  one  of  the most remembered fashion change nowadays. Full of volume, flowers and color. A yuppie style!

For wedding gowns romantic ball gowns and the meringue were the most popular.

A lot of floral decorations. There were never enough flowers to fill up the dresses. Also a few colors in the dressing gowns appeared.

Introducing colours was one of the biggest changes in wedding dress in decades.

seksenlerde gelinlik modellerinde kabarık etekler ve uzun kabarık kollar hakimdi

Pink, red, orange and green were the most used.

An “A” shape was the one used to express that volume, with a high waist and light fabric as tulles; to be finished with artificial flowers on top of the gowns spread all over the skirt and shoulder.

The hair style has the same volume characteristic of the gowns. Afro style and curly hair upon the shoulder were the most common.


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