Fashion Trends on Wedding Gowns at 2000's

  • 08.12.2018 / 07:45
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Since the millennium begins, the general style it is influenced by the old time fashion. It is basically  looking for past years styles but always with something new and actual, more elaborated and with a much more modern looking.

Those new silluettes of the 90´s have now becoming classical. Long, short, huge, tight, asymmetrical, etc.

People still want to express their style, position in society thorough their cloths. Wedding gowns were not excluding from all of that.

2000'lerde gelinlik modelleri daha modern bir görünüme sahip olmaya başlamıştı

Wedding party’s concept became very fashionable. Hippie wedding party, princess wedding party, Venice costume party, relax beach wedding ceremony and many others. The wedding gowns are affected by all of this, and should match the style of the wedding concept as well as the rest of people invited to the ceremony.

So there aren´t general or popular dresses. They can be relax, very formal, elegant, crazy, etc.

ikibinlerde gelinlik modelleri düğün konseptlerine uygun olmaya başladı

Accessories became more elaborate than before and match the style of the wedding concept. Silver was the most used, but as we said before everything depends on the concept of the wedding.


Since 1973 until now, fashion industry have been changing quite a lot, and especially have been growing fast and powerful. Companies as DreamON have been always at the top. All this success become true thanks to their brand, which has always been trendy and fashionable since the moment the project ONUR, now DreamON, open the first store and started to spread happiness and high quality wedding gowns all over Turkey, and many other countries.


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