Fashion Trends of Wedding Invitations

  • 16.02.2019 / 10:08
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The most important thing that you will remember about weddings is your wedding dress, your wedding photos and your wedding invitations.

Today's trends are shaped by the excitement of the innovations in the designs as a result of the rapid consumption of everything. This year in which simplification is at the forefront, wedding invitations with darker effects, dark colors, sealed and holographic invitations dominate a little more minimal.

Dark color wedding invitations

As a result of the effect of the simplification of the color combinations and new font fonts used in wedding invitations will be a ton of black color will see a lot. The black-colored wedding invitations, which have a minimal design, which are more in line with the simplicity of couples, distinguish the initials of the bride and groom's names with larger letters.

2019 yılında Koyu renk düğün davetiyeleri revaçta

Siyah ve beyaz renklerde düğün davetiyeleri sade bir şıklık arayanlar için ideal


siyah düğün davetiyeleri 2019 yılının trendi

In other dark colored invitations except black, floral patterns in envelopes provide a harmonious and elegant look. More framed wedding invitations mainly seen on this types.

Koyu renkli çiçek desenli davetiyeleri bu yıl bolca göreceğiz

Wedding invitations with seal

The new flow of the season has an effect on the old-time palace correspondence. These elegant invitations are designed on a simple and light colored background, and the envelopes on these elegant invitations or the ribbons of the bride's and groom's names on a harmoniously colored stripe give a very special and romantic look. Although there are many color alternatives for the sealed invitations, our advice is choosing silver, gold or rosegold color.

düğün davetiyelerinde kullanılan mühür 2019 yılının trendi olacak

Retro wedding invitation

The invitations of floral frames or pastel color shades and romantic wedding invitations will be the choice of those who are looking for different innovations without breaking the connection with past.

retro düğün davetiyeleri geçmişle bağını koparmadan trendleri takip edenler için ideal

retro düğün davetiyeleri 2020

Classical wedding invitations with monogram

The more classic thick textured wedding invitations which are constructed with the initials of the names are the preference of couples who cannot give up the glamour. Ballroom type splendor wedding ceremonies in the wedding organization with using the same name monogram also provides integrity.

monogramlı davetiyeler 2019 yılı modası

Wedding invitations with illustration

eğlenceli düğün davetiyeleri

With fun illustrations, maps or symbolic drawings, these invitations leave a smile on their faces when they reach the guests.

illüstrasyon düğün davetiyesi

eğlenceli düğün davetiyeleri

çizim düğün davetiyeleri


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