Distribution Centers: A New Idea Brought by DreamON

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Growing With Awarenes Sense

The adventure started in 1974, say the 40 y.o. Özgür Karuserci who, together with his brother Onur, 38 y.o., manage the Company, both as Vice Presidents respectively for Financial and Administration and Marketing and Sales sectors. Since then the growing never stopped though always with a sense of awareness. DreamON is always been conscious that growing fast is not always synonymous of sustainable growth. At the very beginning DreamON started growing very slowly changing the headquarter from the very first 55m2 shop to 350m2 shop in 1991 and through various further steps up with 1.250 m2 shop in the year 2000 ending then to 7 floors, 3.000 m2’ building, the largest bridal gown showroom and distribution center in Turkey and certainly one of the biggest throughout Europe and Middle East.

Those steps and achievements are just the symbol of the DreamON good growth. Nowadays DreamON relays on a second-to-none network of showrooms, to ensure the distribution operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Through our distribution centers’, DreamON products move continuously from the 1.100 m2 production facility in Gaziantep, to its customers. DreamON showrooms are at the same time retail and distributors, the kind that sell directly to consumers (end users, mostly brides-to-be) and to retailers, granting that products from its manufacturing facility move to end users anywhere in Turkey and abroad.

Three types of operations are therefore performed in DreamON distribution centers: sales to brides and retailers while being manufacturers’ sales branches and offices.

DreamON has as well “Franchise” to relay upon. The franchise run an independently owned and operated firm that buys and sells products (of which is taking ownership) under rules agreed with the manufacturer, to its customers.

Put simply: franchise buy goods to sell at a profit, much like a retailer would. The big difference is that franchise will be working in a business- to-business realm, profiting from national and international DreamON image, corporate promotional initiatives and advertising campaigns and by reflex benefit of the DreamON overall success stories.

In the field of bridals gowns the distribution centers in Turkey are a new idea brought by DreamON that requires good skills in bridals gowns and engagement dresses particular category. The idea is to bring the DreamON products quicker and at a lower price, due to the proximity to the customers and end users. DreamON distribution centers managers are experts that already succeed in the distribution business, possess a varied job background in the wedding related sales.

In addition, our managers and franchise companies have operational skills necessary for running such a peculiar business as bridals gowns. For example, finance and business management skills and experience, ability to handle the “back end” (those activities that go on behind the scenes, like warehouse setup and organization, shipping and receiving, customer service, etc.). Of course, these back-end functions are followed up and, in many cases, handled directly by DreamON head quarter.

Distribution centre it is a service business that deals with business customers, as opposed to general consumers. DreamON is able to understand customer needs and learn how to serve them well.

DreamON is turning to the specialty market and planed that many new distribution centers and franchise firms will start every year in Turkey and abroad, typically by ex- generalist shop owners who want to break out from the jungle of cheap competitors. Success in distribution centers and franchise involves moving from a customer service/sales orientation to the operational process of managing a very complex business. Recently DreamON has been re-structured in such a way to respond to the challenge of the bridal gowns market in the best possible way. Many companies today are under intense economic pressure.

Reorganizations and major changes are extremely common, as companies try to grow and survive. These changes present new challenges and demands for everyone. Özgűr and Onur know how to cope with changes.

Thus, instead of fearing change, resisting it, they have prepared themselves for the changes that are likely to occur. I front of the actual economic and business scenarios they decided how DreamON might best respond.

The approach that attempts to overcome the inadequacies of the classic structure, is the functional departmentalization. Two HUB have been created. The marketing, financial, logistic and administration HUB, located in Gaziantep and another the marketing, sales and distribution HUB in Ankara.

A network of showrooms, distribution centers and Franchise is growing rapidly and efficiently. Upon opening the doors of your distribution centers and franchise you will certainly find yourself in good company. To date, there are quite a few DreamON distribution centers and franchise in Turkey, representing 20% of DreamON annual revenues. A good news for the start-up entrepreneurs looking to launch a distribution centers or franchise company.

One advantage of this structure is that it facilitates the use of highly specialized staff. The HUBs are set up like separate companies and the responsible of the HUBs are Executive Vice President of the company.

The HUBs work within the organization is facilitated by the use of the new IT technologies. The use of computer networks and  software is designed to facilitate speeds communications and decision making.

Even more effective is the use of intranets that makes the company information readily accessible throughout the organization. The rapid rise of such technology  has made possible that DreamON HUBs as well as distribution centers and customers connect each other digitally rather than physically.

Ankara - DreamON

DreamON Ankara showroom for best wedding dresses

The DreamON Anatolian showroom/distribution center is located in Çankaya, the central metropolitan  district of the city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The President of the Republic of Turkey resides there, in the “Çankaya Köşkü” presidential compound. The area is also home to many of the capital’s embassies, government departments and best- known landmarks.

Çankaya is the heart of the city, an exclusive shopping district, a fashionable business and cultural center. The district is home to a great number of museums, theatres, cinemas, cultural associations, booksellers, publishers and libraries, including the National Library. Many of the streets in the district are named after poets, writers and thinkers. Most of Ankara’s best-known high schools and a great number of university buildings are in the district. Çankaya is, around the clock, teeming with people, shopping, strolling around or crowding the large number of cafes and restaurants. The right location for DreamON high fashion product show.

Gaziantep - DreamON Plaza

Gaziantep, previously and still informally called Antep is a city in southeast Turkey and amongst the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. From a sleepy town Gaziantep has grown to be the commercial powerhouse of Turkey’s Southeast.

DreamON Head quarter in Gaziantep

With its 3.000 m2 seven floors building representing the largest bridal gowns showroom in Turkey, the head quarter, and distribution center of DreamON in Gaziantep is the crowning achievement of the bridals gowns industry in the whole Turkey. Located in the green of Şehitkamil, Gaziantep Metropalitan Center district, the head  quarter is the management, marketing, production and logistic of DreamON’s domestic and international business. The geographical location of the head quarter makes DreamON in pole position for the expansion into Middle-East and Northern Africa markets.


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