Bride's New Trend: White Henna Tattoo

  • 28.03.2019 / 14:50
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All brides try to create beautiful differences at their weddings to make unforgettable memories for all guests.

It's important to catch all eyes on a day like this. New trends are appearing every day. You can make a difference with the white henna which is among the popular trends of the last period. White henna tattoos are new fashion trend this season.

gelinlik modelinizle bütünleşecek beyaz kına dövme çok şık görünür


You can make a difference with the white henna tattoo that you may have as an accessory to associate with your wedding dress.

These tattoos, which can be applied to every part of the body and are applied with white henna, mostly used on arm, hand or shoulder.

Beyaz kına dövmeler vücudun her bölgesine uygulanabilir

If you prefer short dress for after party, you may have a nice look with white henna tattoo on your legs or ankles.

After party için kısa bir elbise seçtiyseniz ayak bileğinizde beyaz kına dövme uygulayabilirsiniz

The brides who want to create a different style with a natural and elegant look will have white henna tattoos.

Gelinlik modelinizle bütünleşecek beyaz kına dövmelerle fark yaratabilirsiniz

The white henna, which is healthy in terms of skin care, is a natural product thanks to its antioxidants and minerals. It would be a nice experiment for those who cannot have the courage of always dreaming of tattooing.

It is useful to know; White henna tattoos disappear spontaneously within a week or two.


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