Bridal Hand Bouquets

  • 07.05.2019 / 07:51
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Bridal bouquet, which is one of the most important among the bridal accessories, can be offered as a flower or artificial flower by presenting different colors and options. Fresh flowers in the bouquet, although more eye-catching and natural, artificial flowers as a souvenir for many years to stay in this direction is usually the preferences.

El çiçeği gelinlik modelini tamamlayan estetik bir görünüm sağlayacaktır

This accessory, which the brides have difficulty in choosing, adds elegance and aesthetics to the wedding dress style. The bride's flower needs to be compatible with the wedding concept.

You can decorate your bouquet with colorful tulle if you prefer fresh flowers. If you want your hand bouquet to have a harmonious matching with your wedding dress, be sure to integrate it with your hair accessory.

flowers are beautiful

You should choose hand flower according to your own height. A drooping hand flower would look better if you are tall. Short or a petite body type of brides would choose from round bouquets. Bride and groom's father and brothers can wear one collar of flowers which match with bride's bouquet. Such guests can identify their hosts.


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