Fashion Trends on Wedding Gowns at Nineties

  • 08.12.2018 / 07:20
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General fashion became casual. Based on variety. There wasn´t a specific trend; the reason of all of this is that people wanted to express their individualism.

After years following the common trends, people realized that they were not free to express themselves enough.

In the middle of the 90´s people become more careful about expressing their individuality; and new eccentric designs appeared.

Wedding gowns became more elaborate than the years before. Luxury appears back again. Big shoulders, long straight siluette, laze and embroidery was really trendy.

Also many different siluettes  to  express the individual style of the 90´s.

fashion trends of wedding gowns was elegant and formal at 90's

Jewelry takes an important part in wedding style. Very elaborate pearls necklaces, golden bracelets were the last detail to be elegant and the most beautiful bridal ever.

The hair style changed as well and hair up now means formal and elegant.


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